Zhejiang University has established within it a number of research institutions distributing in every colleges focusing on a broad range of research topics at both the university level and the college level. They can be categorized into three different groups, namely university research institutes, college research labs and university specialized research centers.


University research institutes mainly focus on intensive scientific research on certain fields of new and high technology, frontier of fundamental research and demands of state development.


Institute of Watson Genome Studies

Zhejiang-California International Nanosystems Institute

Research Institute of Zhejiang University- Taizhou

Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies, Zhejiang University

International Innovation Institute, Zhejiang University

Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University

Institute of Aquatic Environment

Institute for Sustainable Energy, Zhejiang University

Institute of Integrated Circuit and Primary Software

International Design Institute

Institute of Translational Medicine

Ocean Academy, Zhejiang University

Institute of Innovative Medicine

Institute of New-type Urbanization of China

Robotics Institute, Zhejiang University

Mathematics Academy for Advanced Studies, Zhejiang Univerisity

Research Institute of Zhejiang University- Ningbo

State Institute of Big Data for Health Care and Cure


Zhejiang University has 186 college research labs distributed in 26 schools and departments of the University.


School of Mathematical Sciences (6)

Department of Physics (4)

Department of Chemistry (5)

School of Earth Sciences (6)

Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (2)

School of Mechanical Engineering (7)

School of Materials Science and Engineering (6)

School of Energy Engineering (5)

College of Electrical Engineering (8)

College of Civil Engineering and Architecture (17)

College of Chemical and Biological Engineering (6)

Ocean College (11)

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics (7)

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering (3)

College of Optical Science and Engineering (9)

College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering (5)

College and Control Science and Engineering (3)

College of Computer Science and Technology (4)

College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science (3)

College of Life Sciences (6)

College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science (5)

College of Environmental and Resource Sciences (9)

College of Agriculture and Biotechnology (9)

College of Animal Sciences (7)

School of Medicine (27)

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (7)


As we gained more achievements as we move forward, we continuously encountered new questions that need to be answered, new problems that need to be addressed and new issues that need to be studied on. In the process, we come up with specialized research centers that boost topic-oriented research, cross-disciplinary research or demand-oriented research. There are totally 34 centers in the university, with some of them listed below.


Center of Mathematical Sciences, Zhejiang University

Center of Engineering and Scientific Computing

Center for Cross-research on Smart Transportation

Engineering Center for Digitalized Medical Care and Cure

Engineering Center for Green Architecture and Application Technology

Center for Electrical and Information Services

Center for Digital Agriculture and Rural Informatization

Center for Analytical Instruments

Center for Robotics Studies

Center for Innovative Medicine

Center for High-speed Rail

Center for Global Change

Medical Center( Yuhang Branch), Zhejiang University

Center for Brain Imaging Science and Technology

International Research Center for Architecture and Urban Development

Center for Cross-research on Quantum Information

Center for Psychological Studies

Center for Hyper-gravity Research

Center for Internet Space Security