Reseach Events

Academic Activities This Week(Nov. 11th - 18th, 2019)


The 128th Westlake Academic Forum – Technological Equipment Innovation Strategy Facing Polar Regions Environment Observation

Time: Sep. 23rd – Sep. 24th

Location: Yuanzheng Haiji Hotel, Zhoushan Campus, ZJU

Organizer: National Ocean Polar Exploration Administrative Office; Academy, ZJU


The 28th Masters of Sciences Forum - Jean Zinn-JustinThe Fate of the Vacuum: from Galileo to dark matter and dark energy

Time: 15:00-17:00, Sep. 23rd

Location: Room 201, No. 12 Teaching Building, Yuquan Campus

Origanizer: Department of Physics


Academic Lecture of the School of Medicine  Robert Froemke: Social Transmission of Maternal Behavior via Oxytocin and Synaptic Plasticity

Time: 10:00, Sep. 25th

Location: Room 205, Comprehensive Building, School of Midicine

Organizer: School of Medicine


Xinglin Forum – Liu Tingfang: Study on “Success – 7 CLASS” Evaluation model and Index System Establishment of Chinese Hospitals

Time: 14:00, Sep. 20th

Location: Room 705, Comprehensive Building, School of Medicine

Organizer: School of Medicine


Academic Lecture of the College of Sciences – Raphael K. Didham: Long Non-coding RNA and Malignant Tumor Treatment

Time: 16:00, Sep. 14th

Location: Research and Teaching Base at Thousand-island Lake, College of Life Sciences

Organizer: College of Life Sciences



Academic Lecture of the College of Life Sciences – Jin Jin: Purine- produing CD4+ T cells – A Switch of Stress- induced Abnormal Psychology

Time: 16:00, Sep. 16th

Location: Room 245, College of Life Sciences

Organizer: College of Life Sciences