We Doctor Group Donates 100 Million Yuan to Zhejiang University

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Hangzhou will possess its own Watson in near future. What is Watson? It is a super computer by IBM powered with artificial intelligence, which successfully diagnosed a rare type of leukemia within 10 minutes. Then what function will the Hangzhou version of Watson fulfill?

Recently, Zhejiang University unveiled the establishment of Real Doctor Artificial Intelligence Research Center that will be headed by President Wu Zhaohui. It is said that the Center will construct the first open medical AI platform in China in an integrated mode.

We Doctor Group donated 100 million yuan in support of the development of the Center.

The Center will focus on critical technology in medical AI, including clinical big data, imaging and genomics, set up a medical AI services platform, incubate medical AI services enterprises, formulate normalized criteria and develop a higher education system for medical AI. Liao Jieyuan, the founder of We Doctor Group, said that 80% of common diseases could be diagnosed and treated by artificial intelligence in the future.

“We will take advantage of the assets of Zhejiang University, collaborate with medical institutions and experts in an inclusive manner, make connections between various data sources, set up an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional cooperative system and strive to make breakthroughs in core medical AI technology,” said President Wu Zhaohui.