Zhejiang University Faculty Wang Huajun on Board Arctic-Bound Icebreaker Snow Dragon

[From]:浙江大学[Editor]:ZJU NEWS[Date]:2017/07/02[Hits]:228

On July 1, Associate Professor Wang Huajun of Department of Earth Sciences bid goodbye to his family and boarded the "Snow Dragon" which officially set sail from Xiamen for its voyage to the North Pole. Wang Huajun is one of the 122 scientists on Snow Dragon and his job focuses on the measurement of sea-ice thickness. Qiushi News will later on follow up with Wang Huajun's scientific expedition, presenting interesting news on the frontline.


This is China's 4th Arctic scientific expedition. The 85-day expedition will set a record in both its duration and the number of people on board. The expedition team is composed of more than 20 units of scientific research personnel, logistical staff, media reporters and Snow Dragon crew. The total number is 125, 7 of whom are scientists from the US, France, Finland, Estonia and South Korea and one from Taiwan.


Wang Huajun has long been engaged in electromagnetic research and software development, transient electromagnetic data acquisition and processing, geophysical monitoring of the polar areas and so on. From 2007 to 2009, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Zhejiang University instructed by Academician Xu Shizhe and now is a faculty member at Department of Earth Sciences. In this expedition to the North Pole, as a member in sea-ice group, he is responsible for the study on the thickness of sea ice with the task to make observations both along the voyage and in ice observation station.