120th Anniversary Birthday Celebration of President Zhu Kezhen

[From]:浙江大学[Editor]:ZJU NEWS[Date]:2010/03/07[Hits]:2

March 7, 2010 is the 120th anniversary birthday of former President Zhu Kezhen, who is an outstanding scientist and educator, China's the founder of modern geography and meteorology. He was the president of Zhejiang University for thirteen years from 1936 to 1949, and dedicated to the "Seeking Truth", the spirit of excellence in educational thinking, and remarkable educational achievements in the history of modern education in China, leaving a brilliant chapter. Recently, the university made a decision that, during the period of this March to July, we will be holding a series of activities to commemorate the 120th birth anniversary of President Zhu Kezhen, and has recently issued an announcement of the activities.


The celebration is to deeply cherish the memory of President Zhu Kezhen, and his outstanding contribution to development of Zhejiang University and scientific technology. The activities include the memory forum, Zhu’s educational ideological symposium, and education-related characteristics.


It is reported that the activities will mainly be in March 2010. There are the 120th anniversary forum, Zhu Kezhen educational thinking seminars, 10th anniversary cerebration activities for the Zhu Kezhen Honors College, renovation of Zhu Kezhen Memorial Hall, releasing souvenir envelops of the anniversary, the contest of e-books making, essay recruiting of answering two questions of President Zhu Kezhen, orienteering competitions, film shows on life story of President Zhu Kezhen, photography exhibitions, and so on.