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MAI Delegation Visit SAA for Further Promoting MAI-ZJU Cooperation


On 26, Dec. 2018, a delegation of seven people from Moscow Aviation Institute visited Zhejiang University for further promoting cooperation between MAI and ZJU on aspects of students education and scientific research. Eighteen people attended this meeting. Representatives of the delegation are Head of Research and Development Prof. Strelets Dmitry, Deputy Head of Advanced Scientific Programs Directorate Ms. Odintsova Natalia, MAI Rector Adviser Ns. Katkina Anna, etc. ZJU representatives are Deputy Director of Office of Global Engagement of ZJU Mr. Xue Fei, Executive Vice Dean of SAA Prof. Shao Xueming, Deputy Dean of SAA Prof. Qu Shaoxing and Jin Zhonghe, etc. Chairman of Zhejiang Haika Feihong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd Ms. Deng Huiyan and its representatives also attended this meeting.

The meeting mainly followed up the implementation progress of 3+1 Joint Educational Program for undergraduates, and further discussed joint educational program for graduates, and exchange study project for teachers and faculty. Meanwhile they further discussed and refined development plan for aviation technology joint research center. The two sides exchanged opinions on sending direct doctoral students to study for master's degree in MAI, and reached a consensus that the next step would be to exchange graduate curricula and then discuss specific implementation measures. As for the staff exchange study project, they have reached the preliminary intention of cooperation, and plan to invite professors of MAI to ZJU for short-term teaching. As for the aviation technology joint research center, the three parties reported progress of various work, discussed key problems of the construction of the center, further clarified responsibilities of each party. Furthermore, they defined the specific implementation steps and key directions of scientific research cooperation in the next stage.

In recent years, Zhejiang Province has made great efforts to promote the aviation industry, and comprehensively promoting the development from the aspects of top-level design, platform construction and technical support. Zhejiang University takes this as an opportunity to give strong support to the development of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and attaches great importance to the cooperation with world universities such as Moscow Aviation Institute. In September this year, ZJU and MAI signed strategic cooperation agreement.

The visit of MAI delegation comprehensively reviewed the progress of various work, discussed and put forward specific solutions to cooperation problems, further clarified specific measures such as student exchange, scholars exchange and scientific research cooperation. ZJU and MAI will work together to overcome difficulties and comprehensively deepen cooperation.