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  • 4-legged Robot "Runs" into 3rd World Internet Conference

    Jul.18, 2018       求是新闻网
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    A 4-legged robot, which can run, jump and clear obstacles, made its dazzling appearance at the 3rd World Internet Conference & the Light of Internet Expo. It is co-invented by Zhejiang University and Nanjiang Robotics Co., Ltd.

    The robot is named “Chitu”, meaning a “red rabbit” in English. Because it can clamber up a slope, ascend steps, and walk, prance and run on jolting roads, it is expected to facilitate production and life for human beings. When Chitu trots, it can move at the speed of roughly 6 kilometers per hour. When it jumps or runs fast, its speed can add up to approximately 8 kilometers per hour.




    It is said that this robot is China’s one and only 4-legged robot which can run and leap. It incorporates a suite of impressive features. For example, it can carry a load of 50 kilograms due to its medium and large size and it is exceptionally flexible. Moreover, it generates little noise because it is driven by a motor, thus working in an environmentally-friendly manner. The future version of Chitu can play a vital role in complicated environments, such as resource transportation, rescue work and planetary exploration.