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  • Zhejiang California International NanoSystems Institute (ZCNI)

    Sep.26, 2018       http://zcni.zju.edu.cn
  • Zhejiang California International NanoSystems Institute (ZCNI) is a first of its kind research and technology innovation platform in China established on June, 2005 at Hangzhou, Zhejiang, which is the joint effort among Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang University (ZJU), California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), and whose mission is to accelerate the application of nanotechnology in biology, medicine, material, information technology, chemistry etc. ZCNI strives to become the catalyst of the integration of academics and industry,the accelerator of the development of Zhejiang science and technology and the new engine of the evolution of Zhejiang society and economy.

    Through the introduction of the successful management and operation mechanism from CNSI and other first-class research organizations, ZCNI attracts talented personnel, advanced technology and funds domestically and internationally, and combine with the industrial foundations in Zhejiang and the scientific resources in ZJU to create a new research environment, which will integrate scientific research, technology transfer and industrialization into one.ZCNI will focus on the fulfillment of the development of Zhejiang’s economy by constructing core and shared infrastructure in these important interdisciplinary fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterial and information technology.ZCNI will link its core infrastructure and collaborate with related satellite labs in ZJU to become the base of nanotechnology innovation, technology incubation and skilled personnel in Zhejiang and to develop and hatch a number of achievements which are internationally advanced and possess independent IP.ZCNI will also actively act as a centralized “nano community” for exchange of information, technology and capitals and endeavor to become the accelerator of the development of Zhejiang’s economy.

    In order to fully support and accelerate the development of ZCNI, the Provincial Government has set up a coordination committee, which consists of officers from various governmental departments and is led by Mr. Linsheng Mao, vice Governor of Zhejiang. ZCNI not only provides an environment to seamlessly integrate research, technology transfer and commercialization, but also acts as a gathering center for investment funds and an incubator for local and foreign companies.

    It is the ZCNI’s belief that with its fulfillment, it will create a new integration of traditional disciplines of biology, medicine, information technology, material, chemistry; build a solid infrastructure for collaboration among researchers, disciplines, universities, industries and regions; inspire scientific innovation into economic reality.ZCNI welcomes any talented scientists, research organizations, investment funds, professional service providers and others who are interested in collaborating with ZCNI in any forms, to join. ZCNI expects to work together with any individual, organizations and companies to create a unique research and technology innovation platform in the coming future.