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  • Rice Biology, State Key Lab of

    Jul.18, 2018       http://www.chinariceinfo.com
  • State Key Laboratory of Rice Biology focuses on significant scientific problems and applicable basic researches concerning rice production including rice functional genomics, genetics of germplasm improvement and innovation and mechanism of growth and development. The lab has successfully cloned some agronomically important genes such as genes controlling rice tillering and gelatinization temperature, etc.

     Research areas:
    Genetic basis of rice germplasm improvement and innovation;
    Physiological and biochemical mechanism of rice growth and development;
    Interrelation studies between rice plants and environments.

     Research fields can be cooperated with:
    Construction of breeding materials and middle materials of significance for genetic studies;
    Controlling mechanism of genes and environments for rice major traits of growth and development;
    Biological basis study of space mutation breeding;
    High-efficiency transfer technologies of genetic engineering;
    Atmospheric environmental impacts on rice plants and countermeasure.