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  • Visual Perception, MOE-Microsoft Key Lab of

    Jul.18, 2018       www.zju.edu.cn
  • Introduction
    MOE - Microsoft Key Laboratory of Visual Perception (Zhejiang Univercity) is based on Microsoft Visual Perception Laboratory of Zhejiang University, which is founded in Nov.19th,1999, and be brought into Key Laboraty Management System of Ministry of Education (P.R.C) in 2005.

    Microsoft Visual Perception Laboratory of Zhejiang University is the first laboratory founded with Microsoft in China, which is founded at the beginning of Microsoft Research China.

    The lab will strive to achieve breakthrough in video motion tracking and identification, efficient modeling, photo-realistic rendering, as well as visual perception and understanding. The lab will build a technological platform which shares large-scale equipments and a resource center which shares technical data. It is mainly about the MOCAP motion capture equipment providing services to the society, and building a video testing resource center opening to both in and out of the country. The lab will strive to undertake national and international major research projects and development tasks, either fundamental or technical,and will also strive to achieve a set of academic accomplishments which have significant influences both in and out of the country, publishing high-quality academic papers and applying for national invention patents.